The strategic plan elaborated by Discovery Management is focused in the investment cost control and its return by a competitive negotiation on the purchase price and its subsequent property rental price acquired with the long term rental goal.

The vast contact network and knowledge of the industry, combined with the reaction time to successfully execute all the opportunities presented daily are the fundamental pillars and foundation on which the Asset Management is based upon and its incorporation to the portfolio managed efficiently and standardized.

Activos inmobiliarios de discoveryinvestment

Without preference over the source of the properties, which origin could be so diverse as private property from individuals, managed by outer companies or investment funds or other financial institutions and public auctions, the attention and talent of Discovery team members is centered on the execution of operations with stable profits and constant along the Exploitation period following the management philosophy of a high yield assets portfolio (known as ‘Yieldco’)

The capabilities to generate regular income and growing in time base in goods or services which Price is not eroded by disruptive innovations provides the desired security to the investor and his partners of a reliably forecasted cash flow and easy to have an accurate and precise prediction. The certainty associated to this circumstance allows to implement financial tools which optimize the return and profitability related to the assets and associated investment.

This continuous search doesn’t stop and is constantly ongoing. Discovery is alert and listening to any proposal and offer related to the assets in the market or any other complex situation derived from administrative circumstances which extend the time necessary to make the property liquid. We are open to receive information about any asset and listen to offers. Don’t hesitate to contact if you consider that can be there any mutual interest.

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Assets Valuation: 1.164.000,00 €

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