The Company

Discovery is focused in the Residence Areas Assets Management. Our Business Model is focused on the ownership and exploitation of assets in high return on investment areas in relation to the market value and rent prices almost exclusively in urban areas.

Our activity is based on the long term rental model with risk related to the tenants transferred to payment default and eviction insurances, providing a solid stability to the recurrent income coming from the rentals.

With the aim to have a sustained growth, the management team is centered in the optimization of the economic resources available and maximization of the value to the shareholder. Within this strategy of growth, the company is immersed in a phase of external finance search through private investors and credit from commercial financial institutions with the target to, within a period no superior to 2 years, achieve the critical mass necessary to transform the activity to Spanish REIT entity “SOCIMI”.

With this roadmap, Discovery is fully committed to achieve the milestones set while the Company develops relationships and associates to a selected group of individuals interested in the opportunity that presents the current Real Estate Market.

Relevant Data

Assets Valuation: 1.164.000,00 €

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